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Study Abroad On A Budget

Worried that you can't afford study abroad? UTA offers many programs that correspond in price to a normal session on-campus. Planning ahead is key to studying abroad on a budget! Read on for tips for economical study abroad. Please consult with the UTA Study Abroad Office for more information. 

Program Selection

When it comes time to decide where in the world you will study abroad, keep in mind these factors:
  • Avoid large cities. Small cities tend to have cheaper transportation & living expenses
  • Narrow your search to countries with a lower costs of living
  • Pick a non-traditional location outside of Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand

Housing & Food

Housing is arranged for you by most programs. You can save a lot by carefully picking out your housing and meal plan.
  • Find programs where meals are included with housing
  • Homestays are a great option

Length of Program

Students can chose between summer, semester and yearlong programs, so carefully consider the cost of the program versus the length of stay.
  • Total program fees for summer programs are less expensive than semester or year programs.  However, students are often able to receive more financial aid and scholarships for the semester versus the summer.
  • Evaluate the program price per credit earned.  Semester or academic year programs provide more value per dollar since you can earn twice to three times more credit as summer programs.


There are many great funding opportunities for study abroad students!
  • Apply for the FAFSA by priority deadline
  • Apply for as many study abroad scholarships as you are eligible for
  • Apply for as many UTA scholarships as you are eligible for
  • Study a critical language - there is extra funding for this
  • Study in a non-traditional location -  there is extra funding for this
  • Refer to Other Funding Ideas

 Other Things to Consider

  • Take into account the distance to program site and airfare price
  • Booking your flight at certain times can also help you keep cost down. Read The Worst Day to Buy a Plane Ticket.pdf to find out more on how to purchase your plane ticket for the best rate.
  • Start saving now!

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Last modified 12/17/2018