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Other Funding Ideas


Fundraising will help to make your program abroad more affordable and serve as a way to educate the public. If you select a program that helps achieve your long-term goals, it will be easier to solicit funds from external sources. Keep in mind that local, regional, and national groups, as well as individuals, are all possible contributors.
Possible Contributors:
  • Heritage groups that have interests in specific countries
  • Civic groups (Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Club)
  • Travel agencies
  • High school alumni associations
  • Professional and business clubs
  • Media (newspapers, radio and TV)
  • Sororities and fraternities (local and national chapters)
  • Charitable, ethnic, religious and campus organizations

STA Travel Registry

Who says you have to get married to have a gift registry?  STA Travel has launched a new Travel Registry to help you collect monetary gifts from family and friends to fund your study abroad program!  The registry allows family and friends to contribute towards an STA Travel Gift Certificate that you can redeem for flights, tours, hotels, and more!  Accounts are free, so start building your registry today!

Become an Overseas Correspondent

There are many websites and organizations that offer stipends and/or scholarships for students studying abroad to share their adventures through stories, blogs, photos and videos.  If you have an interest in journalism or photography, some of these programs may be perfect for you!

Part Time Work

A great way to fund your international experience is to find a part-time job about a year before you plan on leaving (if you don’t already have one). Commit to putting $10 away into your “Study Abroad Jar” from each paycheck. You will be surprised how quickly this money will add up! As you travel around your host country and purchase souvenirs, you will be glad you made the effort to save the extra cash!

Study Abroad Loans

It is highly recommended that all students file for federal student aid by submitting their FAFSA by the deadlines listed by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.  We do recognize, however, that some students require additional funding in order to make studying abroad a reality.  While we can not endorse or vouch for any of the study abroad loan programs listed below, do know that these programs may be available to you.

Other Study Abroad Aid Resources

Creative Funding Ideas

  • Waive holiday and birthday gifts and request financial gifts or loans instead
  • Write a creative letter to all your relatives, asking for financial support in exchange for monthly emails, or blogs, while abroad and a presentation and dinner upon return
  • Ask friends to join you in raising money by painting, cleaning or washing cars
  • Organize an event where you and /or some friends donate instruction for a couple of hours (cooking, quilting, yoga, karate, computer skills, dancing, sign language, stained glass, woodworking, etc.)
  • Collect used books, CD’s, computer software, etc. and have a sale
  • Ask your church, synagogue or temple to sponsor a special offering, dinner, or raffle and give the proceeds for study abroad
  • Organize a radio talk show and solicit contributions
  • Find out if your parent’s employers have a scholarship program for their children or find out if your employer will make a cash advantage to be paid back through payroll deduction. No harm in asking!
  • In exchange for the use of your car while you’re gone, have a friend or sibling make all or part of your car payments

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Last modified 12/17/2018