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Course Registration

UTA Building

Course Offerings

Course offerings can be found on the UTA website.  Generally, class names are followed by the course number which serves as the level indicator.
  • For example, Biology 1333 is an introductory course for first year students. It follows that 2000 level courses are for 2nd year students, 3000 level for 3rd year students, and 4000 level are for final year (4th year graduating) students.
    • The higher the course number, either the higher level the class or the more specialized the topic.

The number of credit hours is indicated by the second digit in the course number.  
  • For example, SPAN 1441 is worth 4 credits and SPAN 2301 is worth 3 credits.

Note: The UTA Course Catalog provides the course description for all possible UTA course offerings, but the Schedule of Classes indicates the courses available for a particular term.  Please be advised that not all courses are available every semester.


  • Course registration will take place after you attend the mandatory orientation for international students.  
  • All students must maintain full-time status (minimum 12 credit hours for undergraduates; 9 credit hours for graduate students).
  • Have your courses picked out before you arrive along with some alternative courses.  UTA Study Abroad cannot guarantee or reserve places in specific courses.
  • Bring your most up-to-date transcript.

Issues That Will Keep You From Registering

  • Failure to attend orientation
  • Not having health insurance (more information can be found on the Orientation and Insurance page)
  • Not taking your TB test (TB testing takes place immediately after orientation)
  • Not registering your Arlington address in your MyMav account.