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Meet Mavericks in Japan!

KimInthirathJapan4  Kimberlin Inthirath
  Summer 2015
  "Visual Art in Japan"

Kimberlin Inthirath is a senior here at UTA majoring in Art. Kimberlin participated in the Art Department's "Visual Art in Japan' Program, which introduced the students to the visual art of Kyoto and Tokyo.

What have you gained from deciding to study abroad?

I've gained a lot of reassurance. After
KimberlinInthirathJapan2making these big decisions on my own, even when others often try to plant seeds of doubt in me, I've learned that a whole lot of what you can do stems from your own confidence in the decisions you make. Every time I had overcome obstacles such as communicating with locals or navigating through a maze of subway lines, I learned how much I needed to believe in my self to move forward. You get so many more amazing experiences when you don't let being afraid stop you.
KimberlinInthirathJapanWould you return to your host country in the future?

Of course. Two weeks or even a month is only enough for what I call "the surface experience." The first time you're a tourist but the second you're more inspired to live like a local. It's the little subtleties of everyday life that really make the country special and going for a second time really allows you to focus on those smaller experiences.

Do you plan on traveling again soon? Where?

My goal is to travel as often as I can. My plans for the near future is to travel closer to home and discover the great things that currently surround me versus seeking adventures farther out. Traveling in foreign countries can sometimes dim the light on what our regular lives seem to be, so I hope to remind myself that where I am is just as amazing.

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