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Meet Mavericks in Italy!

PrarthanShahItaly2  Prarthan Shah
  Summer 2015
  "Architecture in
  Italy" Program

Prarthan is a junior here at UTA majoring in Architecture. Prarthan participated in the School of Architecture's faculty-led program in Italy this summer. 

Has your decision to study abroad fit into your graduation plan?

The decision to go for summer aboard in summer between sophomore and junior years has fit perfectly in my graduation plan
PrarthanShahItaly because now I have another opportunity to explore the world for one more summer or apply for internships to help boost my resume. 

What was the most exciting experience in studying abroad?

The most exciting part about the whole trip was climbing the historic domes and bell towers across Italy. May it be the Vatican or the duomo at Florence. I say it because it took physical strength and patience to cram and climb the narrow steps which were built centuries ago. But the view makes up for it as you get out into the light and experience the bird eye view of the city. This process of getting to the top made the whole view worthwhile. 

What is the “weirdest” food you ate?

Being a vegetarian, my options of trying a lot new foods were limited but Italy was truly a heaven for me because the variety I got in terms of food was absolutely remarkable. The weirdest food I ate were fried artichokes which were a Jewish specialty in the Jewish ghetto(area) in Rome. Not that I enjoyed it too much but that is by far the weirdest food I've had. 

What other countries have you visited?

After a month in Italy for the study abroad, me and a few friends visited Paris and
PrarthanShahItaly3Barcelona. Which was also a study abroad because we skipped the usual tourist attractions and headed to the architectural masterworks of the cities. 

What was the greatest challenge you faced during your time abroad?

For me, the only challenge during the time was to keep up with the pace of the course and still have enough time to explore the city on my own. We visited a lot of places in a very short amount of time. Hence it wasn't a challenge per say but a difficulty for sure that it was too much at once. 




  Michelle Pennington
  Summer 2015
  "Art in Italy" Program

Michelle Pennington is a graduate student here at UTA working on a degree in Art. Michelle participated in the Art Department's faculty-led program in Italy this summer. 

Why did you decide to study abroad?

To take my last art history class in Italy where it seems most relevant. 

What other countries have you visited?

France, England, Switzerland, Monaco, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic

How is life in your host country (the country you studied in) different from life in Arlington?

It's slower. Italians appreciate life, family, and friends. They take the time to enjoy good food and wine and spending time with those that they love.

Do you plan on traveling again soon? Where?

I would love to travel to Asian countries next or South America. 


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