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Meet Mavericks in New Zealand!

TrevorBeersNewZealand  Trevor Beers  
  Spring 2015
  University of Auckland
  Auckland, New Zealand

Trevor Beers is a senior here at UTA majoring in English. Trevor studied abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, which is one of our exchange programs, for the full spring 2015 semester. 

Did you try anything fun and different?

A 450-foot bungee jump in the mountains of Mordor is definitely the epitome of ‘fun and different.’   

Has your decision to study abroad fit into your graduation plan?

Yes! I spent my penultimate semester abroad and was able to count all of my courses as upper division credit towards my degree.

What is the “weirdest” food you ate while in New Zealand?


What have you gained from deciding to
TrevorBeersNewZealand2study abroad?

A new appreciation for the opportunities and education available in America.

Do you have any advice for future study abroad students?

You are abroad for four to six months. Don’t leave saying you wish you had gotten the chance to do X. You’re not just on vacation; you are living in another country. Explore, immerse yourself, and give everything a go.


GabrielleWilliamsNewZealand  Gabrielle Williams
  Spring 2015
  University of Auckland
  Auckland, New Zealand

Gabrielle Williams is a senior here at UTA majoring in Psychology. Gabrielle studied abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, which is one of our exchange programs, for the full spring 2015 semester. 

How has this experience impacted you personally?

The experience of studying abroad in New Zealand really helped me come out of my shell. Being in a different country there is this element
GabrielleWilliamsNewZealand2 of mystery and uncertainty that comes with moving. I was very scared of how I was going to handle being abroad for half a year at first, but the more time I spent there the more confident I was in living in a different part of the world. The experience of living in New Zealand allowed me to really bloom as an individual and made me realize how capable I am to do anything I want to in life.

What was the most exciting experience in studying abroad?

The most exciting experience for me in New Zealand was seeing Milford Sound in Fjordland National Park. I was a picture of the fjordlands when I was younger and instantly fell in love with the blue mountains and clouds hovering over the sea. Although the Fjordlands were at the furthest part of New Zealand, I made time to go see them and I will never forget the experience. It GabrielleWilliamsNewZealand8really was heaven on earth.

Why did you decide to study abroad?

To be honest I studied abroad in New Zealand to escape my everyday life. I was so burned out on school and working that I just wasn't enjoying anything anymore. Instead of being a normal person and trying a new hobby, I decided to take my chance for half a year in another country. Coming back to America, I am now refreshed and ready to finish up my schooling with a open heart and open mind.

Would you return to your host country in the future?

I will for sure visit New Zealand again in the future. I want to take my children here one day and be like "look where your mom and dad first lived together". I want them to feel the same sense of adventure I felt when I first got off the plane at the Auckland airport. It may be twenty years, but I will return to the land of the long white cloud.


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