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Meet Mavericks in Greece!


 Alyssa Dequeant
 Summer 2015
 UTA Honors College Program

Alyssa is a senior here at UTA majoring in Critical Languages and International Studies. Alyssa is part of the Honors College, and she participated in their program to Greece earlier this summer.

How is life in your host country (the country you studied in) different from life in Arlington?

You can easily walk anywhere in Greek cities, and there are shops, restaurants and tourist shops everywhere. Cars can drive on the sidewalk, so you have to be aware. People tend to be quite friendly, and some restaurants will give you free dessert and drinks. 
What did you enjoy the most about your host country?

I enjoyed the scenery of Greece. The ruins, the gorgeous beaches, the sunsets, Greece has the most amazing natural beauty.

What other countries have you visited? 

I have visited Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. 

AlyssaDequeantGreece2What is the “weirdest” food you ate?

I ate minced meat and lamb wrapped in grape leaves in Athens. 

Do you plan on traveling again soon? Where?

I plan to visit either Morocco or New Zealand in my next international adventure. 

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