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Course Approval

All UTA students are required to submit a Study Abroad Course Approval Form during the study abroad application process.  You must seek UTA departmental approval for all courses you intend to take while participating in a UTA Study Abroad program.  In order to do this, you must:
  1. Print out the form: Study Abroad Course Approval Form.  List all courses you wish to take abroad in the first column ("Course Abroad")
  2. Print out course descriptions for each course from the program's website
  3. Make an appointment with an advisor in each academic department necessary in order to have UTA course approval for each course you list on the form
  4. Meet with your Degree Plan Advisor for the final approval for all courses listed
  5. Bring the original signed form to the Study Abroad Office
Your transcript will be sent to the UTA Study Abroad Office upon completion of your program abroad, and the Director of Study Abroad Staff will enter grades into the MyMav system.  Getting all courses approved before you leave will expedite the process of awarding credit when the transcript arrives.