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Study Abroad Insurance

In order to protect all students traveling abroad, The University of Texas System has created an umbrella insurance program. All United States citizens, permanent residents of the United States or international students in the United States who are enrolled as students at the University and travelling abroad on a UT System institution study abroad or related educational activity outside his/her Home Country*, including co-curricular and extra-curricular activities done in relation to their scholastic program while outside of the United States and their Home Country* are covered by this program.
The Study Abroad Insurance Program is currently coordinated with On Call International as the emergency services provider.  The cost of the insurance is $19/week, and information about enrollment and payment procedures is discussed at the mandatory pre-departure orientation meeting.  For full coverage details, review the policy brochure online:

Students participating in a UTA Study Abroad program, or other UTA-sponsored program abroad, in Spring 2015 or later are required to have the UT System Study Abroad Insurance regardless of any other insurance they may have, including insurance possibly required by an affiliate study abroad program or a foreign government.

All students are strongly encouraged to maintain their U.S. health insurance coverage while they are abroad in case they are forced to return before their program is over for any reason or in case treatment is necessary upon return to the United States.

*Home Country as defined by this policy is the United States.  If a student traveling to their country of citizenship is an enrolled UTA student participating in a UTA-sponsored program abroad, they are covered by this blanket policy.