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Faculty-Led Program Development Grants


With funding provided through the Maverick Advantage initiative, UTA Study Abroad is pleased to provide grants for faculty-led study abroad program development.  The goal of this funding is to establish new study abroad opportunities as well as support the professional development of faculty and increase the internationalization of the campus community.  Faculty-led study abroad programs offer innovative opportunities for students by expanding the classroom around the world, and over 70% of UTA students who study abroad participate in faculty-led study abroad programs.
Individual program grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded on a competitive basis.  Awards must be used to support the creation of new UTA faculty-led study abroad programs or to enhance existing faculty-led programs that will be offered no later than the January 2026 winter term.  Funding is non-renewable, and final amounts will be determined by the selection committee.

Grants can be used to cover any of the following:
  • Exploratory site visit to intended program destination(s);
  • Addition of activity or experience to enhance program already developed in order to motivate additional student enrollment;
  • Combination of the above options. 
The following requests will not be considered:
  • Retroactive funding of travel already taken or currently underway at the time of the announcement of awards;
  • Travel for the sole purpose of attending or presenting a paper at an international conference or trips for research purposes;
  • Proposals requesting funding to develop exchange partner programs or other non-faculty-led programs. 
Proposals will be accepted from all levels/ranks of faculty with the support of their department chair/unit head and dean.  All proposals submitted must be in support of programs offering academic credit abroad and meet the student participation standards established by the grant applicant’s college. 
Preference factors include:
  • A faculty member who has not previously taught or led a program abroad
  • An experienced faculty program leader developing a new program destination
  • Courses that integrate into the departmental curriculum (count towards a student’s major in that department as either a requirement or an elective)
  • Programs that will be sustainable and recurring
  • Programs that focus on students who are currently underrepresented in study abroad, such as racial/ethnic minorities, STEM majors, first-generation, non-traditional, students with disabilities, etc.
  • Co-investment from the home department (this need not be an equal match, but some amount of “in-kind” contribution demonstrating the department’s commitment to internationalizing its curriculum) 
Previous grant recipients may re-apply for a new grant if the following conditions have been met:
  • Faculty successfully completed all requirements of their previously granted award, with preference given to faculty who have successfully implemented the study abroad program for which the grant had been awarded.  The review committee may consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  • New proposal must clearly outline need and purpose of the additional grant.  If applying for exploratory site visit, it must be for a new program location.

Proposals for programs with two faculty members must clearly outline the need and purpose for both faculty members to participate in the exploratory site visit and/or how both faculty members will contribute to addition of an activity or experience to enhance a program already in development.  It is the review committee’s discretion, and not a guarantee, whether to award additional grant funding for proposals with two faculty members.

Faculty Program Development Grant Application: 2024 Faculty Program Development Grant
Application Deadline - March 8, 2024

Application packet must include:
  • A completed and signed application form
  • A completed and signed Department Chair/Unit Head and Dean Endorsement form
  • A two-page (maximum) proposal addressing each of the evaluative criteria below
    • Funding requests for exploratory site visits must include a detailed itinerary with rationale for the location(s) selected
    • Funding requests for addition of activity or experience to program already in development must detail how it will enhance the program experience and motivate student participation
  • A one-page itemized grant budget and detailed explanation of each budget item
Application packet should be scanned and emailed to Kelli Anderson, Director of Study Abroad at by Friday, March 8, 2024.  It is the responsibility of the grant applicant to ensure that any materials initially submitted to the chair and/or dean for signature are received by the Director of Study Abroad by the grant application deadline.  Applicants will receive an email confirming their application has been received.
It is anticipated that grant recipients will be notified within one month of the application deadline.

Criteria to be Considered  
  • It is required that the grant proposal clearly and effectively demonstrates that the applicant is qualified to lead the proposed program.
  • Impact of Proposal (50%) – Will this proposed program increase the study abroad opportunities for UTA students?  Will a good number of UTA students be involved in this program, in contrast to only a few?  Is there a strong probability of program implementation and/or continuity if this proposal is funded?  Is there evidence of positive departmental support for the proposed program?
  • Quality of Proposal (50%) – Does the proposal clearly articulate a well-thought-out plan for developing a study abroad program/course?  Does the proposal contain creative ideas with a credible, appropriate, and attainable approach?  Is the budget complete and realistic?  

Recipients will work with UTA Study Abroad to implement the programmatic aspects of the proposal and must update Director of Study Abroad regarding the progress of their program development on a regular basis. 

It is expected that faculty will actively participate in outreach and promotional efforts throughout the academic year to recruit students for their program, including but not limited to holding information sessions, participating in the Study Abroad Fair, visiting classes/student organizations, and promoting via social media.  These recruitment efforts can take place virtually or in-person as conditions permit.  Faculty are encouraged to contact UTA Study Abroad for assistance in identifying outreach strategies for their programs.
Faculty receiving funds for exploratory site visits who do not complete the travel as outlined in the grant proposal are required to return the funds awarded for this purpose. 
Grant funding will be transferred to the grant recipient’s department.
For exploratory site visits,
  • Travel is expected to be completed prior to the end of 2024.  Grantee must meet with the Director of Study Abroad prior to travel and provide a narrative report (2-page maximum) within one month of completion of site visit detailing how/if the visit influenced the proposed study abroad program.
  • Any travel requests will be completed by the grantee following University procedures and requirements.  It is the grantee’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant information is obtained and that the travel request is submitted for appropriate approval.
  • All travel expense reports will be submitted by the grantee according to University procedures and requirements. 
For addition of activity or experience to enhance a program already in development,
  • Grantee must provide appropriate documentation demonstrating the proposed activity or experience was added to the program, including a narrative report (2-page maximum) within one month of program completion detailing how the activity/experience enhanced the program and contributed to additional student enrollment.

Program Development Workshops
A link to a previous virtual workshop on developing faculty-led study abroad programs is available online here:  Link to recording

This year we are offering some general Q&A sessions.  Interested faculty are invited to attend one of the following sessions to discuss ideas for their program and get general feedback on their intended grant proposal.
  • Tuesday, February 13 from 3-5pm online
  • Friday, February 23 from 9-11am online
  • Wednesday, February 28 from 2-4pm in the Swift Center, room 125

Faculty Program Development Grant Application: 2024 Faculty Program Development Grant
Application Deadline - March 8, 2024