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Parent FAQs


How much will it cost for my son/daughter to study abroad?
  • The costs associated with studying abroad will vary by program location and length, as well as the current exchange rate.  We provide each student with an estimated budget for their program that details the required program tuition and fees, as well as housing, meals, travel documents and personal expenses.  It is important to remember that personal expenses can vary greatly from student to student dependent on the amount of independent travel, type of housing, and other activities the student decides to partake in.
Is financial aid available for studying abroad?
  • Yes!  Most, if not all, of your student's UTA financial aid package will apply to their study abroad program, if the program is UTA approved.  There are some scholarships and grants that may not be available for study abroad as well as some scholarships and grants that your student will need to request special permission in order to use the funds for studying abroad.  It is imperative that students speak with an advisor in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships early on in the application process.  There are also numerous study abroad scholarships available for students, including the IEFS scholarship just for UTA students.
Will studying abroad delay my son's/daughter's anticipated graduation date?
  • With proper planning, study abroad can fit nicely within most students' degree plans.  We offer hundreds of programs around the globe in multiple-disciplines allowing almost any student to study abroad within their major.  Some programs have very structured degree plans, so it is important for students to discuss their desire to study abroad with their academic advisor as early as possible.