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Re-entry Shock

Many students upon returning home from their study abroad program will experience some degree of reverse culture shock. You may find it difficult at first to adjust to life in the United States after all the experiences you had while abroad. In fact, sometimes re-adjusting to your home culture will be harder for you than it was to adjust to the foreign culture. However, there are many effective ways to deal with it and help you make the most of your time abroad.

How to Deal with It

There are many resources to help you through this re-adjustment period.
  1. Take part in a variety of programs and activities that will help you continue your international experience even after you return home.
  2. Connect with other students who have studied abroad through the Study Abroad Ambassadors group.  
  3. Sign up to be a Study Abroad Peer Mentor
  4. The Center for Global Education also offers great tips and advice.
Read more about reverse culture shock here: U.S. Department of State - Reverse Culture Shock