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Returning to UTA



 Once your time abroad nears its conclusion, you should begin your preparations to transition back to UTA and the United States. In order to make this process as smooth as possible, follow these tips.
  1.  Register for Courses at UTA - Even though you are abroad, it is still your responsibility to register online for any courses you wish to take the semester you return to UTA. You can browse the UTA Course Catalog and register for courses through MyMav. Be sure to take care of any holds ahead of time and contact your academic advisor through email if necessary.
  2. Arrange Housing - If you plan to live on-campus once you return to UTA, be sure to submit our housing application online as soon as possible. If you are looking for an off-campus apartment, the Shorthorn Housing Guide may be useful.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid - Visit the UTA Financial Aid & Scholarships Office website to stay up-to-date on scholarship and FAFSA deadlines. If you have a question about your UTA financial aid, you should contact a Financial Aid Advisor.
  4. Pack & Travel Safely - Customs requirements may control what you can and cannot take out of your host country when you prepare to depart for the US. You should also check the luggage restrictions for your airline as it may be cheaper to ship some items home rather than paying extra luggage costs. 
  5. Say Your Goodbyes - It may seem like an easy task, but be sure to schedule final goodbyes with your host family and friends early so that this task doesn't take a back-seat to final exams and last minute packing. If you lived with a host family during your time abroad, you should consider cooking them dinner on your final night or giving them a gift to show your gratitude for hosting you.
  6. Prepare for Re-entry - Re-entry Shock is something that many students do not consider, yet it will be something that many students will experience. The Re-entry Shock page gives a good overview of what you may experience upon your return to the United States and ways to make the transition back home an easier one.
The UTA Study Abroad Office is here to help you through the re-entry process. If you have any questions or concerns during or after your return home, do not hesitate to contact us.