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Study Abroad Handbook



All students must attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation before they are permitted to study abroad through UTA. In this orientation, UTA Study Abroad Staff will discuss health & safety issues abroad, academics, cultural adjustment and other topics pertinent for a successful study abroad experience. Only students cleared to study abroad are allowed at orientation. 





Along with the pre-departure orientation, all students are expected to thoroughly review the UTA Study Abroad Handbook prior to departure.  This handbook will be a reference to all the material covered in the pre-departure orientation, as well as offer additional information and resources to expand upon the orientation. Return to the handbook as you enter each stage of the study abroad process (pre-departure, while abroad, and upon return) as it will provide valuable information to guide you through each stage.  We encourage parents and family members to read through the handbook as well to better understand the study abroad process.  The UTA Study Abroad Office reviews and edits the handbook often, so please contact us if you have suggestions for additions to the handbook that would be beneficial for future students and their families.

UTA Study Abroad Handbook


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Last modified 12/17/2018