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Application Process


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Before you apply for a study abroad program, you should come in for advising. This is to ensure that you have all the information available about the program you intend to apply as well as to be certain you understand the entire application process.  After you have been advised and have established that you are eligible to study abroad, you can then begin the Study Abroad Application.

Also, consider filling out the
Study Abroad Exploration Guide. This can help you think about what is most important to you in choosing a program, and can help when you come in for advising.


The Study Abroad Application materials for Reciprocal Exchange or Affiliated programs are completed online.  To begin your UTA Study Abroad Application, go to the brochure for your intended program which can be found through the program search tool.  If we are currently accepting applications for your intended program, you will see an "Apply Now" button.  Once you click the "Apply Now" button, you will be prompted to login into our website. 

As part of the Study Abroad Application, Study Abroad Staff will review your UTA transcript to ensure you meet the academic standards for your intended program.  We will also complete a conduct check with the Office of Student Conduct.  Any judicial concerns will be dealt with individually.

Students who are applying for an Affiliated Program must complete the UTA Study Abroad Application prior to completing the affiliated provider's application materials. You can work on these materials concurrently, but most programs providers will require UTA approval to finalize your application.

Students who are applying for a Reciprocal Exchange Program are also required to schedule an informal interview with the Study Abroad Staff to discuss their application and study abroad goals. Once your application materials are received, the study abroad office will reach out to schedule this interview.

Effective for all students whose study abroad programs begin May 1, 2015 or later, there is a non-refundable $75 application fee required as part of the UTA Study Abroad application.

After these steps have been completed and the Study Abroad Staff has determined you are eligible to study abroad on your intended program, you will receive a formal clearance letter via the online application system with information on the next application stage.


All sections must be completed in full by the listed deadline before your application will be considered complete.  Incomplete applications and/or late applications will not be considered.


Congratulations!  You have been cleared to study abroad.  Now you can begin your application to the host university abroad (exchange programs) or complete your application to the program provider (affiliated programs). The application materials and steps will be provided to you through the application system during this stage.

Please note that even though you have been cleared to study abroad through UTA, you still must be accepted by the university abroad and/or the affiliated program provider.  Some programs may have rolling admissions, so it is strongly recommended to apply as early as possible to ensure space on the program.

Once you have been accepted by the university abroad and/or the affiliated program provider, you must then fill out all post-acceptance forms.  These forms may include emergency contact data, insurance coverage certification, proof of SOS registration, health & safety questionnaire, and other pertinent forms necessary to study abroad with UTA.  


Failure to complete these forms by the given deadline will lead to dismissal from the program.


The final stage before departing for your study abroad program is the Pre-Departure Stage.  Every student accepted to study abroad must attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation held each November and April.  During the orientation, we will discuss health & safety issues abroad, insurance requirements, the study abroad course enrollment process, cultural adjustment, and other important information.  The orientation will also give you the opportunity to meet other UTA students who will be studying abroad the same semester as you.

The Pre-Departure Stage is also the time for you to acquire all of your travel documents, immunizations and health insurance.  For students studying abroad for a semester or longer, you should also prepare for your return to UTA following your program by speaking to your academic advisor, financial aid counselor and housing office if necessary.  Visit the Before You Go section of our website for more in-depth tips and suggestions.


While Abroad

You've made it through the application process and are now having the time of your life abroad - Congratulations!  While you are abroad, however, there are still a few necessary steps you need to take to make your study abroad experience a smooth and enjoyable one.  The first step is to communicate with the UTA Study Abroad Office concerning the courses you have officially enrolled in at your university abroad.  You can do this through the online application system.  After we have received your official course schedule, we can make any changes necessary with your course enrollment here at UTA.  If you decide to take a course abroad that you did not receive formal approval before departing UTA, you must work with your academic advisor(s) to get approval and determine the UTA course equivalency.

Returning Home

As you prepare for your return to U.S. and to UTA, don't forget to make any necessary arrangements for your next semester at UTA well in advance of your departure.  This may include registering for your courses through MyMav, contacting your academic advisor for advising and enrollment clearance, applying for on-campus housing, and making sure your transcript will be sent back to the UTA Study Abroad Office for processing upon completion of your semester abroad.

Once you return to UTA, share your amazing experience abroad by becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador, volunteering at the Study Abroad Fair and other events and by participating in the annual Study Abroad Photo Contest.  Visit the Returnee section of the website for more details.