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Have questions about studying abroad?  Check out our most frequently asked questions to see if your question has already been answered.  

For more information, email us at, or click here to book an appointment with an advisor. 


General Questions 
Financial Questions 
Academic Questions 



General Questions

Who can study abroad? 

Incoming freshmen are eligible to study abroad after completing two semesters at UTA, though exceptions may be made in some cases for participants in faculty-led programs with the approval of the faculty program leader.  Incoming transfer students must complete one semester at UTA prior to studying abroad.  Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with UTA in order to study abroad.

Students must be enrolled at UTA for the term prior to studying abroad and during the application process, and must maintain full time status while abroad.  Many study abroad programs require a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, although some individual programs require a higher GPA.


What does it really mean to study abroad? 

UTA Study Abroad programs are academic experiences - after all, the first word is "study!"  This means you will be taking classes in a different country and receiving academic credit while also experiencing what it's like to live and study in another culture.  Some programs also offer more experiential options, such as academic internships abroad or international service learning opportunities.  For more information, book an appointment with an advisor today! 


What kind of housing options are there in study abroad programs? 

Housing options vary by program, but the most common types of housing for study abroad students are on-campus residence halls or dormitories, off-campus apartments, and homestay (living with a local host family).  

If you are participating in a short-term program or a program that travels between several destinations, you will likely stay in short-term accommodations, such as hotels, as arranged by the program. 


Where can I study abroad? 

UTA Study Abroad offers over 500 programs available in over 60 different countries.  Popular destinations for UTA students include countries in Europe, such as Spain, France, and the United Kingdom; Asian countries including South Korea and Japan; and Latin American destinations, such as Costa Rica.  With so many options, we can find a place and a program that works for you! 


When is the best time to study abroad? 

Finding the best time to study abroad depends on several factors, primarily your degree plan and your personal schedule.  Talk with your Academic Advisor to find out if there’s a particular time that works best for your degree plan.   

UTA Study Abroad offers programs of all different lengths, so whether it’s a winter, summer, full semester, or academic year program, we can likely find a program that will work for your scheduling needs. 


How do I find a program? 

Want to find summer programs in Southeast Asia?  Or maybe a program for your specific academic focus? Use our Advanced Search and search by location, term, and “Area of Study” to find the perfect fit.  Need help sorting through your options?  Book an appointment with an advisor today! 


How do I start an application? 

Click the “Apply Now” button at the top of your program’s brochure to start your UTA Study Abroad application. 

Applications for study abroad are done the semester before you want to study abroad. Our applications operate on two different cycles: 

  • If you want to study abroad in the summer or the fall, your application cycle is December 1 – March 1. 
  • If you want to study abroad in the winter or spring, your application cycle is July 1 – October 1. 



Financial Questions

How much does it cost to study abroad? 

The cost to study abroad varies greatly, depending largely on where you want to study abroad, the length of your program, and what’s included in the program. There are some programs that cost the same as studying at UTA, some that cost less, and some that cost more.   

Visit our Study Abroad on a Budget page for suggestions on finding a program that fits your budget. 


What’s included in the cost of studying abroad? 

While it varies program to program, you can generally expect displayed costs for programs to include tuition, housing, and transcript processing fees. Be sure to check what’s included on our Exchange and Affiliate program websites. 

Book an appointment with a Study Abroad advisor for more information. They will help you find program information, as well as put together a budget for things like airfare, personal spending money, textbooks, and other expenses that are typically not included in program fees. 


Can I use my financial aid to study abroad? 

Yes!  You'll earn UTA resident credit for courses completed on UTA Study Abroad programs, so you are eligible to utilize your regular UTA financial aid package for your study abroad program.  For questions about specific scholarships or benefits that you receive, please contact the Financial Aid office at  

In addition to your regular UTA financial aid package, you can also apply for scholarships specifically for studying abroad.  All UTA students are eligible to apply for the International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS), and you can visit our Study Abroad Scholarships page for information about additional scholarship opportunities.  If you receive military educational benefits, visit the MAVS website to see how your benefits can be applied to UTA Study Abroad programs. 

For more detailed information about Financial Aid and Study Abroad, visit our Financial Aid & Scholarships page


Will I have to buy insurance while studying abroad? 

The UT System requires all UTA students, faculty, and staff traveling for university business (which includes study abroad) to enroll in a mandatory insurance program; for students, this policy is coordinated with On Call International as the emergency services provider. The cost is $19/week, which will be charged to your MyMav account shortly before you depart for your program. 

Information about enrollment in this required insurance is discussed at the mandatory pre-departure orientation meeting.  For more information about the insurance plan and policy details, visit the Study Abroad Insurance page. All students are strongly encouraged to maintain their US insurance policies while they are abroad. 

If you decide to continue traveling internationally outside of your program dates, then we recommend purchasing your own international insurance for those additional travel dates. 


Academic Questions 

Does studying abroad count towards my degree plan? 

Yes, it can! Courses taken on UTA Study Abroad programs count as UTA resident credit, which means it can fulfill degree requirements.  Course approval is part of the study abroad application process, so whether the courses are for your major, your minor, electives, or just extra credits you want to take while abroad, with careful planning, you can stay on track for degree completion and still have an amazing study abroad experience. 

If you have questions about specific courses in your degree plan that you’d like to take abroad, be sure to speak with your Academic Advisor first so they can walk you through your course rotations, prerequisites, and make sure you stay on track for degree completion. 


What kind of credit will I earn for studying abroad? 

Courses taken while studying abroad that have been approved for academic credit count as UTA resident credit, not transfer credit. 


Do I have to take classes in a foreign language? 

No, you don’t!  The majority of our programs offer courses that are taught in English.  Outside of your courses you will undoubtedly experience the language of your host country, but that’s part of the study abroad experience! 

If you do want to study a foreign language, find your language of interest on our Advanced Search page under the “Areas of Study” section.