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Study Abroad Success Videos

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The world is full of amazing people and places, and UTA Study Abroad wants you to be prepared to experience it to the fullest!  Whether it's learning the basics of how to study abroad while at UTA, a collection of useful workshops to help prepare you for that amazing experience, or personal stories from past program participants, we've got a video for everyone!

Scroll down the page and click the series titles to view our YouTube playlists of informational videos. 

Study Abroad – The Basics

Not sure how Study Abroad works? Need some help getting started? Our Study Abroad – The Basics video series is here to help! From a broad overview of how study abroad works at UTA to scholarship opportunities, we’ve got you covered. 

Videos include: 

  • Study Abroad 101 
  • How to Search Programs at UTA Study Abroad 
  • Funding your Study Abroad Program 
  • UTA Study Abroad Course Approvals 


Study Abroad Success Series

UTA Study Abroad is excited to offer the Study Abroad Success Series, a collection of workshops and videos designed to prepare UTA students for meaningful interaction with the world around them. Whether you are already planning to study abroad or are still deciding whether international travel can be in your future, this series will provide the tools and resources for an impactful experience with different peoples and cultures – both abroad and closer to home. 

Videos include: 

  • Bridging Cultures: Abroad and At Home 
  • Becoming a Global Leader   
  • Immerse Yourself! Surrounding Yourself with Language 
  • Working Globally 

And more! 


I Am UTA Study Abroad

Every year, we send students from all different backgrounds, ability levels, and academic areas abroad. Watch and listen as fellow Mavericks share their experience and remember – Your Adventure Awaits! 

Videos include: 

  • Travis (England)- Listen to Travis’ experience dealing with homesickness, culture shock, and being a member of the LGBTQ+ community abroad. 
  • Alejandra (Austria) - Learn about Alejandra's experience studying abroad in Innsbruck, Austria studying Architecture and how she addressed financial concerns about going abroad. 
  • Amy (Peru) - Amy talks about her experience studying in Peru, and her experience staying with a host family, dealing with homesickness, and making friends from around the world. 

And more!