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Before You Go


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UTA Exchange Programs: UTA Exchange Program Application Checklist

UTA Affiliate Programs: UTA Affiliate Program Application Checklist

UTA Faculty-led Programs: UTA Faculty-led Program Application Checklist

  • Passport – Don't forget to apply for your passport early! The processing time for passport applications can take up to 6 weeks. If you already have a passport, be sure that it is valid for 6 months after your return date to the United States. For more information visit the US Department of State's Students Abroad website.
  • Student Visas – Some programs require you to obtain a student visa before entering the country, while other countries may require you to obtain a student visa (sometimes called a Residence Permit or Entry Clearance) upon arrival. For more information visit the US Department of State's Students Abroad website.
  • Post-Acceptance Forms – After you have been cleared to study abroad through UTA, you will need to complete a set of post-acceptance forms. It is imperative that you complete all of these forms through the online application system prior to your departure. You will not be allowed to study abroad unless these forms are completed.
  • Course Approval Forms - You must obtain approval for any class you may possibly take abroad prior to departure. If you find that while abroad you have not had a course approved, you will need to contact an advisor in the academic department that houses the course, as well as your degree advisor to get the course approved.
  • Housing – If you will be studying abroad during the spring semester and are currently living on-campus, you will need to speak with a staff member in the UTA Housing Office to terminate your housing contract. You may request a letter from the Study Abroad Office so that you will not have to pay early termination fees (applicable only to UTA Housing). If you plan on living on-campus upon your return from abroad, be sure to inquire about any steps you can complete before departing.
  • Financial Aid - Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine your available financial aid for your program abroad. If you have loans, you may need to complete a form in order to transfer temporary power of attorney to a parent or guardian so your loan forms can be signed in your absence. It is also recommended that you set up direct deposit so any refunds will go into your bank account while abroad.
  • Academic Advisor - Make sure your advisor understands that you will be studying abroad. Give him/her a list of the classes for which you wish to enroll when you return. Make sure to exchange contact information with your advisor prior to your leaving. You should contact him/her about half way through the semester to arrange for your submission of course requests for the following semester.
  • Medical Check-up – Get a clean bill of health before leaving the US. It is recommended that you meet with your physician, eye doctor, dentist, etc. before traveling abroad. If you take prescription medications on a regular basis, it is imperative that you speak with your physician to learn about any travel restrictions with your medication and to obtain any prescriptions needed while abroad. More information on traveling with medications can be found on the Mobility International website.