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International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS)

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Application Cycles 

Spring & Wintermester Programs Cycle: September 1st - November 1st 

Summer, Fall & Academic Year Programs Cycle: February 1st - April 1st

*The information on this page applies to UTA students applying to study abroad only.  If you are an international student applying to UTA on exchange, please review the IEFS application for incoming exchange students.

The 1991 Texas Legislature passed legislation enabling each Texas state-supported institution to charge a $1 per student fee to support opportunities to study abroad. The University of Texas Arlington chose to establish the International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS) by adding $1 to each UTA student's fee bill beginning in Spring 1992. All monies collected are used only to assist students participating in international exchange or study programs.

The scholarship is competitive and is based on financial need and merit.


  • Students must be enrolled at UTA in order to apply and must also be enrolled at UTA during the term abroad. 
  • Students must be participating in a credit-bearing study abroad program.  All approved UTA Study Abroad programs (Affiliated, Exchange, and Faculty-Led) are eligible.
  • If a student is not participating in an approved UTA Study Abroad program (Affiliated, Exchange, or Faculty-Led), the student must have the approval of the Director of Study Abroad to qualify for an IEFS.
  • Recipients should be willing to represent UTA Study Abroad upon return. 


Award Amounts

Academic Year Programs: $1,000 - $3,000

Semester Programs: $500 - $2,000

Short-term Programs: $300 - $1,500

Application Instructions

All application instructions can be found on the online application form. Required application materials include:

     1. Online Application Form
     2. Budget Form
          a)  Financial information should be calculated by seeking information from the administrator of the program. 
          b)  If you have financial aid, consult with a financial aid counselor to get an estimate on the financial aid package you may receive. Students who have work-study as a part of their financial aid package should ask to have their financial aid package awarded without a work-study component. Financial aid packages may be awarded to students who are studying abroad in UTA academic programs.

     3.  Statement of Purpose detailing your academic, personal, and professional goals for your participation in the program.
     4.  Two recommendations are required.
          a)  Academic recommendations are strongly preferred.
          b)  Recommendations should be submitted through the online application and not by mail, fax, or email if possible.

All portions of the application must be received by the deadline.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


How much are the scholarship awards?

  • The amounts are decided on an individual basis by the IEFS Committee. There is no set amount. However, the IEFS is not intended to finance an entire study abroad. Candidates should be able to fund at least half of their trip or more to be considered for an award.

What are my chances for getting an award?

  • The IEFS is a competitive scholarship. As such, the number of applicants, which varies from competition to competition, greatly affects a student's chances. It really depends on where you stand in relation to the other applicants.

When and how will I know if I received an award?

  • The Committee tries to have results ready within three weeks of the application deadline. A letter will be sent through the online system to you as soon as the committee has made its decision telling you whether or not you received an award.

Can an IEFS award affect my financial aid?

  • YES. Financial aid is determined by comparing your resources to your needs. An IEFS award will count as a resource. Be sure to discuss this with your counselor in the financial aid office if you win an IEFS award.
If I receive a scholarship, when will I receive my money?
  • Awards are disbursed no earlier than ten days prior to the start of class at UTA in the semester for which you received your award. If you are going abroad before your award is dispersed, you will need to make the proper arrangements to defer any payments until the award is made.

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